Monday, September 20, 2010

D's weekend outfit

went out on saturday night to celebrate someone's big 3-0.

at the end of the night, i was able to get the boo to snap this one pic of my outfit. thankfully the pic looks decent!
outfit details: belt/top/blazer - h&m, lace skirt - target, shoes - payless, earrings - laureluxe, bag - urban outfitters.

my weekend consisted of:
the best conversation ever with my bestest friend from college. i laughed, i cried and i just felt really good afterwards.
dinner and drinks with my best friend on friday.
par-tay for C.D.'s little sister's bday. (which, i figured out that when she turns 25, i'll be 30. 30!). 
saw a bunch of my people at the above party. i miss them.
work and then the greatest nap ever.
the best vegetable burrito i've ever had.
par-tay for the boo's friend's 30th bday.
sleeping (i haven't done much of this).
drawing in my sketchbook.

happy monday, folks. i hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather!

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itsMG said...

Thos earrings are FIRE!!

Cute outfit. =)