Friday, September 17, 2010

D's outfit

wow--i like this pic of me.

so, a friend of mine complained that i don't do outfit posts anymore. the answer is: 
i'm not inspired to dress cute anymore.

my outfit today was ok. 

ok, this is the same outfit...but not the shoes!

there was a crazy thunderstorm in nyc today so i wore the boots for that reason.
outfit details: shirt, sweater, pants and boots - h&m, wedges - payless, scarf and glasses - street vendor, ring - i made it.
i love these pants...even though they're tapered and kinda like hammer pants. i felt like a soccer mom but i don't care. they're still cute.

happy friday! this weekend is going to be nuts. parties, parties and work! oh--and i start the insanity today. we'll see how that goes...

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