Thursday, January 6, 2011

3 kings

today is one of my favorite days:

in my family, that translates to more presents. and family time, of course. but mainly we exchange small gifts to each other in celebration of the day.

this year, my mom bought me a not so small present:

a new coat!

i probably desperately needed a new "snow/warm" winter coat since the one i had from college i donated last year. my mother, being as fabulous as she is, took me out shopping on monday and bought me this one. she actually picked it out in the store, and i have to admit that i am in love with the large lilac collar. she has an awesome eye for these things.

i haven't mentioned, but this weekend i am going out to new jersey to spend time with some of my bff's. this is the 3rd year we're doing secret santa together and i'm pretty excited. last year, my secret santa made me cupcakes. i'm not really sure how my secret santa this year will be able to top that...

happy thursday, folks!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your new coat! It is very you and the colors are so much better than nyc black. Your momma has good taste!