Tuesday, January 11, 2011

D's books

i'm exhausted this AM and feel like my outfit will be very uninspiring so i thought to myself, "it's time to take a pic of the books i received this christmas and the one i'm currently reading." 
(if you watch "big bang theory", then you know where that reference is from)
from bottom - the joy of cooking, stitch 'n bitch superstar knitting, the afro-latino reader (all gifts)
currently reading - life of pi by yann martel
and yes, my ipod touch (a gift) is hanging out on top of the pile because i will be reading alice in wonderland on it when i'm done with life of pi.

i'm pretty tired this morning but what's making me excited is the fact that i will be having dinner with friends tonight. i feel like this might be one of those weeks when i'm exhausted the whole time. i'm SO looking forward to having next monday off though...

happy tuesday!

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WILDasaMINK said...

wow, you're very motivated to read...i just go the magazine route, and even that isn't working out for me. I did get 2 books for xmas though, so maybe I should focus on those.