Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sorry for the complaints

This is quite possibly the worst winter we've had in nyc in a really long time. I've been in my snowboots are 2 weeks straight...but I am desperate to wear some cute shoes! It's also the second morning in a row I've walked to the bus and I'm happy to report I did not fall this time.

So you're probably wondering what the pic is all about...? It's where the bus should be but is currently not. I live at the end of the bus line, which means that the buses stack up, which means that at least you know one is almost (hopefully sooner rather than later) ready to go...but there is none. I'm worried. I should have timed how long it takes one to show up and then load passengers...

Well, I hope everyone else around the country is having better weather! I'm seriously just looking forward to my vegas trip next month. I hope it doesn't snow there (apparently it has and could possibly). I know us new yorkers are suffering!
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