Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I hate this nyc winter

I'm blogging from my phone again. Why? You're wondering. Several reasons:

1. My internet at home is not working right now.
2. I don't have pics of my newest creation yet. (Anyone who saw me on friday knows what I'm talking about).
3. I'm on a bus going to work.

And while I'm on my way to work, do you know what happened to me? I fell! Seriously busted my shit and fell! Mind you, I was trying to safely walk to the bus but noooooo, this stupid snow had another thing coming. This fresh layer of snow made it seem like there was no ice left on the sidewalk (just snow) so it didn't matter how slowly I walked, I was bound to fall. I'm not even sure why I wear my super snow boots anymore if I'm still gonna fall.

But I won't let this turn into a terrible no good day. Oh no. What I might do is just sled to work this morning so that there's no more falling. Or throw snowballs at people who cut me off while I walk slowly from the bus to the train to work. OR! I might...ok, I don't have anymore but I will be treating myself to something extra yummy for breakfast (egg and cheese please!).

Oh, and the pics? The 1st is my 'hood (after I fell, a block down) and the 2nd are my boots all covered in snow after my fall. Damn snow.
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