Monday, July 27, 2009

back from camping and blog surfing

camping was TOO MUCH FREAKING fun. i'll talk more about that once i upload the pics...meant to do that yesterday but when i got back, i laid everything out because it was all wet, then it rained and everything got soaked so the bf and i had to pitch the tent in the yard so that it can dry today. blah. all of this rain is a major bummer but hopefully it will prevent the humidity from being too much of a problem on my hair...even though i am wearing my hair out, and proud, and large, and curly.

spent some time this morning trying to catch up on all of my blogs...i had about 400-something unread posts since the last time i read them on thursday. so much to look at and be inspired by!! here are my favorites as of right now (all things for me to think about doing, love, and want to draw):

i'm totally thinking about adding some paper globes to my room now thanks to this image.

how badly do i want this skirt?!?!? ugh...the whole outfit is perfection.

sweet necklaces. i love this pic.

the image from this website wouldn't upload correctly but i am totally loving this work space. yes, i am obsessed with perfecting my work space and making it totally messy, yet organized and inspiring. i just added a coffee table to my work/sitting area so that i can sit on the floor and work when i am feeling inspired. hooray.

especially since i will need to start working on 2 pieces for this gallery in harlem. i requested 2 canvas' for their uptown squared exhibit. we'll see how that goes....hmmmm...

otherwise, life is good, great, fabulous.

i'll be updating later with pics from my camping trip so stay tuned!

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