Saturday, July 4, 2009

my favorite stuffffff.

1) Color - i'm loving all things purple lately. gray, black and white.

2) Dessert - oo red velvet, how i love thee.

3) Smell - musky flowers and soap.

4) Flower - lilies of the valley. they're soooo cute.

5) Animal - my puppy, dunkin. she's a nut.

6) Month - october. the weather is perfect and i love dressing up for halloween.

7) Beverage - gingerale. yum.

8) Shoes - currently, it's a pair of sandals i bought from f21. comfy and cute.

9) Snack - anything white chocolate. dammit.

10) Songs - 112's "cupid" is kinda my absolute favorite. currently, i've been listing to drake's "let's call it off" though. it's not my absolute favorite but it's my current favorite.

11) Book - "fight club"

12) Fruit - mango.

13) Hairstyle - side bun. it's easy and chic.

14) Piece of clothing - anything cotton. i love cotton. tshirts, skirts. i love it.

15) Stores to Shop - f21, h&m, urban outfitters, target.

16) Season - definitely summer because it's my bday and the fall because it's the perfect weather for me.

17) Hobby - drawing, crocheting, shopping, drinking, internet surfing.

18) Things to collect - knick knacks, clothes, art books.

19) Movie - aladdin is my favorite but so is fight club.

20) Restaurant - mexican and sushi.

happy 4th of july!

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