Friday, July 24, 2009

of fto go camping tonight..................

i'll be off in the "wilderness" of long island this weekend to spend some time with my friends and get away from the city. woohoo! i booked the HOTTEST camping site ever--complete with the beach, line dancing and movies...

my idea was simple...i told my friends, "let's go camping on the beach." they all said yes...some more resistant than others (they know who they are and they read my blog so HA!). but it's all set and we will be on our way later today.

although the bf and i bought a tent for ourselves, i have been eyeing this furnished tent. holler! look at it--it's the PERFECT way to go camping!

anyway, i'm hoping we have enough food, suntan lotion and bug spray. oh and batteries for my camera. i definitely need some pictures of this experience.

ta ta for now!

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