Tuesday, July 7, 2009

kinda exhausted and wasting time instead of cleaning....

oh well.

somehow at work today i was able to listen/watch the memorial service for MJ. we tried to stream it on one of the computers while we were working. it kinda worked. but we could hear people outside on 125th listening to it from a giant tv in front of the state building. it's pretty incredible how many people watched that.

but seriously, i watched it for stevie wonder. oh stevie, how you killed it.

i adore this song...so much...it's beautiful. and it really makes me all teary eyed listening to him sing for MJ.

omg watching it again makes me want to cry.

with my bday so near...i'm thinking a sweet MJ tee would be amazing. and maybe a glove. holler. someone hook that up for me.

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