Monday, July 13, 2009

blog surfing and weekend update...yes, i celebrated my bday all weekend!

image from this blog. i wish my arms/hands were this decorated all of the time. i love everything about the jewelry shown here.

this hooded jacket thing is pretty awesome. taken from this blog.

i had a pretty awesome weekend, starting with my bday at the beer garden in queens with my boy, rain. my friends really are the bestest people in the whole wide world! they surprised us with a red velvet ice cream cake from cold stone ( favorite) and i got to drink beer, play dominoes and celebrate.

saturday, i ran upstate for the wedding of mike and jessie - two of my favorite people from college. it was so incredibly beautiful and i was impressed with how much of the stuff they designed and/or made themselves. i wish i had taken way more pics at the wedding but my damn camera was acting funny. grrrr.

i'm going to continue celebrating my bday the rest of the week though....stay tuned for pics, summaries and more.

oh...and that etsy store i've been thinking about throwing together...seems like i need to get on that one ASAP. so hopefully by the end of the week i can have that up and running.

till then...! ta ta.

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