Thursday, July 16, 2009

we're all a little wild.


yes, i just used texting code, or whatever it's called, in my blog. BUT--i am totally and completely OBSESSED and amazing by the "where the wild things are" trailer. can we say--AMAZING.

not sure why this trailer has the longest beginning ever, but please fast forward to 28 seconds to enjoy the

oh--and i saw a late showing of harry potter last night. also--amazing. there were a few things left out/not mentioned/changed but overall i was happy with the movie. i'm not looking forward to the last 2 movies (yes, the final book will be broken up into 2 movies) but it'll be interesting to see how they are visually represented.

i think i need to read the whole series over again though....things are missing from my memory about the books. anyone want to start a book club with me???

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Mare said...

can't wait for this movie!!!!