Tuesday, July 14, 2009

more pics from the bday celebration on friday...woohoo!

grelly! www.geekdunkin.blogspot.com

paulo with the other bday boy.
my delicious RED VELVET cake that we devoured.

me and jelo...the most awesomest chick in the world.

rain rain rain rain rain. this is what i deal with all the time with him.

kelwin playing spades. the man is serious.

me and the bf. i think i had lost in dominoes and i was upset. so i pout.

cupcakes, dominoes, beer, cards and red purse. sweet.

lanre and eric killed it in dominoes. damn.

the spinner!

paulo is strange. but i love him.

jelo's quite competitive. i've seen her kill it before.

thanks for coming out!

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