Tuesday, July 28, 2009


ok, so i suck and i didn't upload my pics from the trip. but you can check out rain's blog for the pics he took.

yes, i straight up took this image off of his blog.

i have to admit that camping was very relaxing....it takes a good trip like that to bring people together. although, i get the sense that some of my friends were not enjoying the experience....what's wrong with sleeping on the floor, in a tent, playing volleyball and basketball, going to the beach, eating ice cream, corn, grilled meat and showering with some bugs? lol...

day 1- the drive was scary. highlight of the drive was riding down a dark "street" that was in between 2 fields and watching the lighting hit about a mile away. scary....

day 2- spent the morning at the beach which was way too rocky for my taste. napped. played volleyball - girls + 1 boy vs. the rest of the boys. needless to say, we lost. had to pick up paulo and his friend at the train station 20 minutes from the campsite. he was taking a long time, so the bf and i stopped at king kullen for materials to make s'mores. i found a 25 cent machine that sold these cool urbanzees toys so i bought 14--one for all the campers. i hope they liked them. i definitely had fun stuffing 14 quarters into the machine like a little kid.

day 3- we cleaned, took down tents, packed the cars and headed back on the road. stopped at mcd's for breakfast (i can't even remember the last time i ate mcd's breakfast! - probably 4 years ago). stopped in queens to drop off the besties. i'm trying to convince them to throw one more party before summer is over. (i can't believe i am talking about summer almost being over already...so sad)....then headed up to the bf's house, then home. the bf and i laid out our camping stuff to dry and didn't realize that at some point in the afternoon it started raining so everything got wet. after it rained, we decided to just pitch the tent in the backyard and hope it dries over the course of a day or two. i think it is dry...but i'm going to wait until this afternoon to take it down.

i'm already asking my friends what our next trip will be. looks like greg might be in charge of planning a trip to the poconos in the wintertime. i'm already looking forward to that...maybe we'll go snowboarding! (jelo--get on that).

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Jackie said...

hahaha.. you're cute! oh planning.. how i love thee.. :P