Thursday, July 23, 2009

"when anybody asks, why we steppin'..."

"...tell 'em, we did it for love, yea!"

i've been listening to this song NON-STOP for the past couple of days, thinking about r. kelly doing his two step in the video and pretending to do it in my head...P and i have a friend who is constantly telling us that we need to do a group trip to shadow night club (yes, the grown folks club) just to do this two step. dammit...can we do that trip soon?!!??!

i also have been pondering the purchase of a hat...just like the one he wears in the video. here's my thought--yes, it's probably a pimp hat. but think about all of those hipsters out there in the world wearing their boat/fedora hats (which, undoubtly replaced the trucker/baseball cap)--THIS hat, the r. kelly pimp hat, would be ten times better than that. because, at the end of the day, if a (barely) 5'2 latina from the bx can rock a pimp hat while wearing some little summer dress and some flip flops, then all is right in this world.


i might need to make this purchase before my camping trip this weekend...

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