Sunday, May 9, 2010


happy mother's day!
this year i decided to make my boo's mother and my own mother a nice little gift to celebrate their wonderfulness.
nothing says THANK YOU more than a potted herb

i headed to stew leonard's to pick up the materials...boy was that crazy. shopping for plant herbs, pots and soil can be difficult. but i did it.

i took it all out to the yard, grabbed dunkin and sat there for a good ten minutes.
the weather was just wonderful.

if this is a project you'd like to one day do for yourself, you'll need the following:
a large pot
potting soil
little shovel
4 types of herb plants (i choose basil, mint, parsley and chives for this one)
and then for fun you can get a garden gnome for the pot and make flags to tell each herb apart!

basically, i used the shovel to layer the soil in the pot and then put the plants where i wanted them. i filled up the gaps between each plant with more soil until it was all even. after all of the potting, i watered the plants, made flags with the names of the herbs using coffee straws, paper and tape and VIOLA! that was it.

best mother's day present EVER.

it's early but i'm about to head to tired..this has been a longgggg weekend. if you follow my twitter account, you would know how much fun i had this weekend and just how little sleep i really got...enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Isquisofrenia said...

thats so nice of you, thats amazing gift , that remeinds me i went to target and i bought some seeds to plant on my front yard but i dont know how to it=(