Tuesday, May 18, 2010

D's list

because my camera is not turning on and i wasn't able to snap ANY pics this weekend at laureluxe's bday party and now i'm all depressed because i had on the CUTESTTTTTT outfit and my girls were looking hot.as.hell.


yea, i'm annoyed. 

so i'm going to write a list...

  1. the above pic of calvin and hobbes is genius.
  2. my room is constantly and always a hot mess. i'll clean it and it'll remain that way for a day before it's just in total disarray again. i blame it on all of my art supplies and clothes.
  3. email is my favorite form of communication. i hate hate hate the phone.
  4. when i was younger, i had a book full of my favorite quotes. i worked really hard at finding some awesome quotes--mainly from books i read or sayings i heard. i have no idea where that book is but i wish i had it now.
  5. i created a book of my absolute favorite outfits and clothes items from magazines that i like to reference when i need outfit ideas. now i also use my tumblr for that.
  6. people think i have a "do-gooder" job...maybe i'm just too exhausted to realize that...
  7. sushi is one of my favorite meals.
  8. i let my dog sleep on the bed. that's because when she was around a year old, she broke her little leg and i felt terrible! she used to knock me in the head at night with her cast. i still laugh about that to this day.
  9. i think my nephew is the coolest kid in the planet. i don't care that for the longest time, i thought he hated me. he's just that cool.
  10. back in college i shocked my friends and family by helping to start a national sorority on the campus of our school. reflecting back on the experience, i think it was the only thing that connected me to school and i'm grateful for the wonderful women i met during the process.
  11. family and the boo are number one. ONE!
  12. i love lists.
grrrrrrrrrrrr to this rainy weather in ny. where's spring????

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