Monday, May 24, 2010

D's outfits

so sorry--my camera is still very much so out of commission since i can't find the freaking battery charger! grrrrrrrr.

so i had to snap these pics on my mac in they're blurry and a hot mess. sorry folks but this will have to do.
outfit details - dress and boots: f21

outfit details - sweater: my brother in law's, boots: f21

outfit details - tshirt: from the pink concert, jeans: no name (i have no idea where i got them!)

you can't tell but i am rocking my RED LIPSTICK in all of these pics.

btw--i am a lostie so i spent my sunday watching 5 and a half hours of lost! and can i just say that it was the most beautiful way to end the series. i've been thinking about writing a little sumthin' sumthin' about it later this week after i've digested it all (and watched it

but for now--i have the SUPER cool surprise for all of you tomorrow at 10am! 
make sure you check back then.

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cute cute cute! love the pink boots!