Monday, May 3, 2010

D's outfit

happy monday!

i spent saturday night at a little shindig with the boo downtown that required a cocktail dress. i couldn't decide if i wanted to wear black or color but at the very last minute i pulled this dress out of my closet and worked it out:

outfit details - dress: marc jacobs (from my sister's closet), belt: my sister's, shoes: payless.

silly of me--this is the ONLY picture i took of this outfit and i only took this pic to make sure the outfit looked ok! i love what the belt did for the's a drop waist dress but i wanted something a little shorter and cuter.

i actually ended up wearing a pair of gold heels with the dress since my clutch was also gold. sigh...totally disappointed i didn't snap any other pics. what was i thinking???

i hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! it's now RAINING in ny...i'm a bit disappointed...

1 comment:

Isquisofrenia said...

this dress is amazing ,sometimes when in doubt i take photos of me wearing it and then i decide hah
but yeah i wouldve loved to see you with the other heels
anyways you look fantastic!