Friday, May 21, 2010

D's makeup

lately, the idea of red lipstick has been...intriguing to me. i'm not a lipstick person AT ALL--i think my lips are way too big to have color on them. but red lips just look hot on people.

so while i was searching around in rite aid for the perfect stuff to use on my hair (all natural products, please!) i stopped infront of the lipsticks. with so many to choose from and no guarantee that i would use it al the time, i wondered if i should... i did...

i love photobooth!

i kinda like it.
venturing out the house like this might need to happen.

happy friday, all! 
i'll be sure to post up my friday favs soon.

1 comment:

courtney and brigitte said...

hahah yeah photobooth is great, i love your makeup look
x courtney

ill keep stopping by!