Saturday, May 22, 2010

D's sis

dear P--

go guuurl, it's your birfday.
hold the wine, i know yo thirstayyyy
say ahhhhhh.
(yes, i just quoted trey songz)

today marks the birthday of someone especially dear to my heart. she's more than my sister--she's always been a friend, a mentor, someone to look up to and the most stylish person i know. we've always looked out for each other and she's the only person who really knows how to make me laugh when i need it. and that is why i needed to devote an entire blog post to her.

now, i tried to find some great pics of us and unfortunately came up short. could it be that we haven't taken any recent pics in the last year or so? i MUST remedy that.

in the meantime, enjoy this classic pic of me and P with the bouncers at B.o.B.'s on the LES:

happy birthday, sis!

xoxo, your crazy sister

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Isquisofrenia said...

awesome happy b-day to her and i love your scarf like that!