Tuesday, June 9, 2009

itsy bitsy spiderrrrrrrrrrrr web

oh damn, i caught this way too late.

FINALLY got around to checking my hotmail email address for some stuff. that's where most of my e-subscriptions/newletters/mailing list crap go to and i never catch jack-shit on time since i only check it like...twice a week. sometimes i miss out on hot vacation deals and then i wonder why i didn't check it sooner. oh well. i might need to hook up another gmail address for myself for things like that since i looooooooooooooooooove gmail.

anyway, nymag was promoting the renegade craft fair that took place during last weekend. (damn, another thing i missed--i really need to check my damn hotmail). so i peeped this awesome necklace and then ran straight on to the Dollybird Design website. really cool stuff. definitely things i am interested in...i might need to surprise myself with a little something something...

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