Friday, June 5, 2009

thursdays are kinda annoying

i spent part of my thursday with some of my students/staff from my job at the wax museum. by far, my favoritest pic is this one of me and albert einstein that got me wondering, "was albert just book smart or street smart too?" hmmmm.

(outfit - skirt from AA, denim jacket from old navy, scarf and glasses and headband from h&m, shirt that you can barely see from barcelona)

at night, i headed to my boo's house for dinner with him and his mom. her lasagna was A-mazing. yum.

(outfit - dress from steve and barry's, blazer from tahari which my sister found thrifting one day, lacy tights from h&m, shoes from delia's)
originally i wanted to wear this outfit to work but decided that it showed too much thigh for me to be comfy in it. oh well. my sister said this was very "alice in wonderland" for me.

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