Thursday, June 25, 2009

my tribute to michael jackson...RIP....6/25/09

i was at work when i heard the news. my girl, brenda, made an announcement on the loud speaker. not sure any of us believed it.

went to moca for drinks to celebrate his life in style with a peach martini. saw on twitter that people were at the apollo listening to his music and celebrating his life. i ran over there.

honestly, at the beginning, being in harlem and watching the people sing MJ's song...very emotional. to get that many people together to celebrate his life is overwhelming.

as the media came out, it was clear that people were putting on a show for the camera. although i was thoroughly enjoying listening to his music, singing his songs and watching people dance, i had to wonder about the media making it such a circus.

i hope, that in death, MJ finds some peace. i hope that people continue to be inspired by his music, videos and dancing. i hope that he forever lives in the music...he will be missed greatly.

RIP MJ, 1958 - 2009.

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