Monday, June 8, 2009

another space i would DIEEE to live in. ok, i really need to hook up my damn room.

i want to live in a space like this.

doesn't that make you want to drool?????

on to other lame and non-important shit, i spent the better part of my day trying to order supplies for work and poking around on style rookie's blog. how is it that a freaking 13 yr old is just killing it with her style????? it totally inspired me to step up my game on the weekend. who cares if i end up looking like a 13 yr old kid?!? ok, it would be even more lame than this post. but still...she's got something going on. she's totally sarcastic, funny, fashionable and her haircut is to absolutely die for. did i forget to mention how articulate she is. am i really that dumb? sometimes i wonder.

i'm officially posting on chictopia. AKKK. it's kinda scary. today, i was walking around thinking about how tired and stupid i looked and i snapped a pic anyway and posted it. basically, i'm maintaining 2 blogs. shit. i'm really crazy.

anyway, this is probably the longest entry i've ever actually written. i am dabbling in something new. bear with me while i try to figure this all out.

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