Thursday, June 25, 2009

this is why family is awesome.

my wonderful cousin, TINAAAAA, loves the headbands i make. seriously, if i were to ever go into business for myself, i think she would just buy all of them and leave me...broke! because, i really wouldn't charge her. whatever she would want, i would just give to her.

anyway, i gave her a few headbands last time i saw her and she gifted one to her intern. her intern is so adorable!!!! anyway, shout out to tina and vera who are rocking my headbands all the way in DC. once i start my own etsy shop, they will be the first to receive gifts and discounts and lots of stuff from me!

1 comment:

Shin said...

Your headbands are really cute!! I love the colors you use too! Very nice! Lucky family members...xxoxoxo