Tuesday, June 16, 2009

morning videos

i love waking up to the most random music videos on tv. it just makes my morning. and lately, as much as i hate mtv sometimes for NOT showing enough music videos (hey--it is called MUSIC TV!), they have been doing it up in the mornings with their AMTV show.

this morning, i was pleasantly surprised to catch this michael jackson video on AMTV. i sometimes forget what a master michael jackson is...whether you're watching a classic like thriller or billie jean...all of his videos are amazing mini movies. i love them.

((for some strange reason, i can't embed the beat it video on my blog. dammit.))

((i was also going to post my FAVORITE MJ video of all time--rock with you. but, again, i can't get the embed code. what's going on here?!?!? stupid youtube.))

since i can't get the code, here's daft punk's "rock with you" remix.

no video. just audio. enjoy!

here's a real video from daft punk. oh how i love daft punk:

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