Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i worked on my room a little last night....

but now i want it to look like this.

no joke. the collage-like quality makes me excited and with my ADD, that would be awesome to have in my room. although, there the hell would i do this? ekkkkkk. no idea.

anyway, like the title of this entry says, i worked on my room a little last night. i had this idea to use duct tape to finish some of the walls and it turned out really well. it actually looks like i painted stripes on the wall when i just taped it up. lol. i love deceiving the eye.

h&m is having major sales so i'm heading over there during lunch. wanna see if there's anything i am desperately drooling for on sale.

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Shin said...

Hmm...that would be interesting. I need to decorate my room a little too but I'm too lazy even to clean up my xxoxoxo