Friday, June 12, 2009

oh amber rose and your beautiful array of leggings.

i recently started to hear more and more about amber rose on the internet and it struck me that not only is she kinda pretty, but her leggings are always FABULOUS. now, i have no idea what kind of woman would want to date kanye...he seems....yea, i won't say it. but you gotta give it up to amber rose, who has a unique and pretty style for a woman with a bald head.

that's besides my point though.

once i started reading about her online, i did a quick google search and checked out her many pics. then, nymag put together this compilation of her style and i'm kinda feeling her. not only does she have some curves on her, but she puts together some pretty interesting outfits.

i might need to recreate this one outfit myself...the red leggings! leather jacket! fierce boots! ooooh my!

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Anonymous said...

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