Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the email i wrote to my friends regarding my bday:

"howdy folks,

believe it or not, july is right around the corner and my bday will be here way sooner than i expected.

i actually went from thinking i wouldn't do anything, to scheduling a full week (and a half) of activities. i would love love love love love to see you all at some point during the celebration, so i am sending along the schedule now. details for certain events will follow.

hopefully, the pics of me when i was younger will entice you to come and celebrate with me. i hope to see you at something (or all!!) of the events since there should be something for everyone on the schedule!

july 10th (friday) - mini golf and beer garden at randall's island after 2pm till....?
july 11th (saturday) - my bday!! wherever you go, snap a pic of you having a drink for me and please send it along!
july 13th (monday) - if the weather permits, after work drinks in yonkers! take the metro north train to yonkers and the outdoor bar is right there. literally, a 20 minute ride on the metro north...
july 15th (wednesday) - harry potter movie opens and i will be celebrating at the movie theater with a hot dog and white cherry slushie after work!!!!
july 16th (thursday) - chicago stepping at lincoln center (it's free!). come watch me make a fool out of myself.
july 17th
(friday) - beer garden in queens... i hear it's nice and so i think i'll get started at 2 and will close them down!!
july 18th
(saturday) - during the day i will be slip and sliding/picnicing somewhere...lol...i hope!, at night - bonnie and i will be celebrating UPTOWN at a lounge for some dancing and drinking.
july 19th
(sunday) - bday celebration kickball at the park for me and alex. bring your coolers, beers, liquor, etc, etc for some fun competition. game starts at 1pm.

i'll resend this email around july 9th with the details that are missing. otherwise, hit me up on my cell!



i really did write that email and send those pics. holler at me.

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